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We are professionals with a good understanding of nursing and the Health Care business sector. Our Priority and passion are to keep recruiting dedicated health care professionals, so we have staff readily available, whenever our clients need support and help To make this possible, we provide staff 365 days a year. We are competitive, open, and honest, we pay what we say to our staff. Kare Pro Ltd is strong connection between organisations and Clients. We find the best applicants for our clients and discover suitable placement for our health care Our Nurse interview consultant has experience as a nurse in Critical departments, Community, District professionals. nursing, A&E Departments, Prison settings, Private and NHS Hospitals. We ensure that the staff we provide, have great knowledge of their roles, allowing them to do an exceptional job for our clients. Our Health Care Consultant has experience as a Nurse in the Critical Care departments, community, prison settings, A&E, private & NHS Hospitals. This allows us to work from the high standards expected for this industry, and it gives peace of mind to our clients, knowing what we expect from our team.


To be an effective and advantageous solution for all staffing requirements in the health care industry. To work alongside with health care professionals and organisationsin the journey to provide safe and effective personalised individual Person-Centred care.


To act in an open, honest, and trustworthy manner with our staff and clients. 

  • To recognise and reward our staff.
  • To act in an honest, open, and trustworthy manner.
  • To treat our client with upmost dignity and respect.
  • To provide quality and invitational services to Health care organisations and to service providers.



  • Encourage creativity and innovation.
  • Act in an open, honest, and trustworthy manner with our staff and clients.
  • Evaluate and appreciate staff.
  • Recognise and reward our staff.
  • Act in an honest, open, and trustworthy manner.
  • Treat our staff and clients with upmost dignity and respect.
  • Provide quality staff and services to Health Care organisations and to our local service providers.

Our Staff

Harry Dass

Registered Manager

Harry Dass 

For the past five years, Harry has been working in the care industry from which he obtained invaluable experiences that he uses in his current role. This experience consisted of effectively handing vulnerable individuals such as those with dementia, learning disabilities, autism, mental illnesses and finally those who needed end of life care. Harry’s profession pursuing the role of a registered manager commenced in 2018 and since, he has adapted with resilience to carrying out his duties as a registered manager. Further to this, alongside Harry’s practical experiences his educational experiences have been productive and helpful as he applies his achievements to his work. These achievements include; BA in Fine Arts, Diploma in Health and Social Care Level 5, Postgraduate Level 7

and Assessor course Level 3. Additionally, Harry offers training to students such as mandatory, health and social care and medication but also he contributes to the destitute through a charity internationally. Harry’s enthusiasm and dedication lies with supporting and serving vulnerable individuals as he finds the opportunity help safeguard them from harm and optimistically save those who are not able to protect or provide for themselves.